The AKE After-Sales Service team offers high-quality and economical maintenance of your units.

AKE After-Sales Service provides uninterrupted service to educational institutions, government buildings, shopping, business and event centers, hospitals, hotels, public transportation systems and residences with an extensive inventory of spare parts.

Strong, real-time communication between our expert technical staff, our maintenance team and our valued customers ensures an uninterrupted, safe and smooth operation of all the units under AKE maintenance.

In order to maximize our service and customer satisfaction, we established our AKE Call Center, Tel. 444 13 53 Our call center provides 24/7 service to you. Each of the thousands of elevators and escalators we serve has special system number labels. With these numbers, each system is tracked separately and thoroughly.

The AKE advantages;

  • Expertise in all major brands of elevator and escalator systems,
  • Reliable and cost-effective service,
  • Large stock of spare parts,
  • Technical information support service to dealers,
  • Regular education and training.

How Do We Serve?

With our expert technicians, preventative maintenance, repair methods and AKE assurance, we offer an unmatched service for all elevator and escalator systems to protect the value of your assets.

Competencies of our Technical Team;

  • Believe in the power of communication,
  • Work with a harmonious, open and positive attitude in order to achieve the agreed-upon goals,
  • Concentrate on the work and ensure that each project is concluded on time and correctly,
  • Exceed customer expectations and wow the customer with everything we do,
  • Take responsibility and be accountable.