We aim to maximize the safe and efficient flow of people and cargo  in high traffic locations such as housing, public transportation systems, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, overpasses, business and event centers and universities.

The advantages of AKE Elevators:

  • Over 25 years of manufacturing experience
  • R&D Design and Quality Assurance
  • Flexible designs for every building type (BIM)
  • Safe and fast delivery
  • Fast spare parts supply
  • Elevator maintenance and repair service
  • Modernization service

Why Should You Choose AKE As Your Vertical Transportation Solution Provider?

  • All AKE products are manufactured from one central location in Antalya, Turkey with fast connections to all major hubs in Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Special solutions of machine-roomless elevators for locations where the dimensions of the bottom of the pit or the top floor are limited
  • Detailed project-based analysis by our dedicated, professional and experienced Project Implementation Team
  • Compliant with the safety requirements of the most recent EN 81 and EN 115 standards
  • Mechanical and electronic designs in accordance with the special conditions of TS EN 81 - 70 (Accessibility for Disabled) / -71 (Resistant to Intentional Destruction) / -73 (Fire Resistance) / -77 (Earthquake Resistance)
  • Large offering of elevator cabin designs to meet any architectual and aesthetic expectations
  • Compatibility with “Remote Control - Access” (PLC) systems, “Central Supervision Control and Data Acquisition” (SCADA) systems
  • CE certification
  • Standard 3-year warranty