For your residences…

An elevator experience with its simple and stylish design, that can be safely used by all family members in your home. It has been produced with your comfort in mind so that it works flawlessly even during the most intense hours of use. Eco Line and Eco B Line series are environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Eco Line standard uses rope technology while Eco B Line is operated by a belt system.

The unit has a spacious interior design with a full-length mirror and LED lighting. The Eco series, produced with AKE's expertise, offers comfortable passenger experience.

All fasteners of the cabin, which consists of stainless folded panels, can be assembled and disassembled from the inside. It is a user-friendly model with easy-to-maintain, economical and high-quality features.

Thanks to the lightweight cabin suspension and special design, space-savings are achieved at the top floor as well as in the pit. You can determine the most suitable model for your pit size. With AKE, you can easily find the most suitable passenger and cargo transport solution for your building.