The advantages of AKE Escalators & Moving Walkways;

  • Over 25 years of industry experience
  • We are the most vertically integrated escalator manufacturing solution globally
  • R&D support and quality standards
  • AKE escalators and moving walkways are manufactured from one central location in Antalya, Turkey with fast connections to all major hubs in Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Fast, reliable and economical solutions in after-sales services
  • Shortest lead-time in the industry
  • Optional stepchain design for the most demanding, heavy-duty applications with externally mounted, high-quality rollers


AKE Escalators & Moving Walkways are designed according to the jobsite and operating specifications for high-traffic areas such as business and event centers, shopping malls, airports, subways, hospitals and pedestrian crossings.

The most important feature of the outdoor escalators  is consistent application of high-quality, durable and corrosion-resistant materials. Another difference that separates escalators into two different categories is the balustrade design, which AKE offers in both glass and stainless steel.

The combination of our close cooperation with reputable, high-quality, global component suppliers, our high-quality domestic, centralized production facility and our commitment to innovation and R&D, enables us to provide the shortest lead-times in the industry.

The AKE Project and R&D teams, calculate escalator dimensions according to building traffic and load capacity, and use this to design site-specific solutions. Escalator dimensions are calculated and projected based on the  unit rise, the travel distance and the incline angle (standard 30° or 35°).