AKE modernizes your elevators or escalators to meet your changing needs and brings you up-to-date on the latest technology and comforts. Upgrading your elevator or escalator is an investment into the future; increasing safety, efficiency and savings.

Why Should We Modernize?

Increase Safety:

Do you have an interior cabin safety door in your elevator? Does the escalator you use have a deflector system?

Safety comes first! If there is no cabin safety door in your elevator or a deflector system on your escalators, there is a risk of injury. To eliminate risks, elevators and escalators must comply with the latest safety standards.

Increasing Energy Efficiency:

With the developing technology, low energy systems increase energy efficiency.

Freedom of Movement for All:

Elevator sizes can be made more  versatile, especially for wheelchair users and families with children.


Today, buildings draw attention with their design as well as their purpose. AKE’s special designs add elegance to buildings. A solution for older buildings is modernization. Through modernization, the safe operation, performance and elegance of your elevator will increase.