AKE started its R&D activities in 2004 to support the manufacturing of elevators. In 2005, AKE began to work on systems for the disabled and finally in 2012, on escalators. AKE is now an officially accredited “R&D and Design Center” by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. With our strategy to be a pioneer in the global market place, our objective is to develop the products we produce in line with the newest technologies and standards and to localize the products supplied from abroad.

Some of the achievements by our R&D Department are listed below:

  • Eco Model Cabin Design
  • Localization of Escalator Drive System
  • Economical Disabled Elevator for 1.5 M and Below
  • Escalator Handrail Cleaning and Sterilization System
  • Elevator Door Control Card
  • Design of a Revolutionary Public Transit Escalator (Model T)
  • IOT Solution to Track Performance of our Units

In early 2021, we were honoured to support the “Smart Elevator Design R&D and Production Investment Project Compatible with Smart Buildings, with Remote Monitoring Features". This was an initiative under the "Technology Oriented Industry Move" program organized by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. As a result of AKE’s participation in this program, we were able to set up a “Mechanical Prototype Workshop” and an “Electronics Laboratory”, which further strengthened our R&D Center.

At the beginning of 2012, the local manufacturing rate of our escalators was 35%. Thanks to our commitment to R&D, this has grown to over 85% today.

This and the close collaboration with world-class component suppliers, has made AKE the most vertically integrated escalator manufacturing center globally.  We will continue to build upon this achievement.