Since its foundation in 1995, AKE has been committed to offering safe and reliable mobility solutions to the world. Our investment in design excellence and continuous improvement has made us a leading manufacturer of elevators, escalators and accessibility solutions. We pride ourselves on both the products we supply and the level of customer service we provide. AKE escalators and moving walkways have been used in many significant public transport projects, as well as at airports, shopping malls, business centers and hotels in over 40 countries worldwide.

Our success is the result of great planning, effective strategy and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence. Since day one, our consumer-driven philosophy, along with a deep understanding of each project’s needs, has been the core of everything we do.



1995  AKE  Elevator is founded.

2002  Production moves to Antalya OSB Factory.

2005  Accessibility Systems production starts.

2007  Elevator and Escalator installation and maintenance is launched.

2011  Istanbul office is established.

2012  Escalator production begins.

2013  Production of Model Elevator fully-designed by AKE R&D.

2017  AKE R&D Department gets approved by Ministry of Industry and Technology.

2019  Lean Manufacturing techniques are implemented.

2020  AKE celebrates its 25th year in the industry.

2021  Germany Office is established.