We offer quick and safe alternatives to ensure the flow of heavy pedestrian traffic. You can analyze the options for suitable elevator and escalator systems for your shopping, business and event centers. We provide a lifetime service for all AKE products, from production to assembly and service maintenance.

Areas of Application


Shopping Malls, Business & Event Centers

Our S Line Elevator Solutions provide safe and reliable travel to your business, event and shopping venues. We ensure maximum efficiency with our designs suitable for all types of buildings, and provide a perfect travel experience even during peak usage hours. Our units add value to your architectural structures with their stylish and aesthetic …


The Emergency Elevator (fire elevator) is a special elevator that is directly under the control of fire fighting and rescue teams or the fire brigade and is outfitted with additional protection. In buildings with a height of more than 51.50 meters, at least 1 elevator must be installed as an emergency elevator to be used in emergencies. Our emergency elevators are made of fire resistant material. …



AKE combines aesthetics and technology to produce a panoramic elevator that enhances the appearance of the building. The panoramic elevators, which are specially and individually designed based on the building, feature a glass cabin. Panoramic elevators are preferred in shopping malls, hotels, public buildings and entertainment centers to offer users a pleasant viewing experience …


An aesthetically-pleasing escalator specially designed for indoor and outdoor use in commercial settings. It has been designed to carry heavy pedestrian traffic in shopping malls, workplaces and hotels quickly and comfortably.

The Model C is produced according to EN 115-1:2017 norms and offers the following features:

  • Reliable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Stylishly designed
  • Silent operation